I know I barely follow any DCI ppl and that there aren’t that many of them following me (b/c I really don’t post much DCI stuff) 

but let me tell you a thing.

My EPL game is so weeeaaaak. So weak that I currently go to school with the guy who was in charge of gym cleaning crew and I get a spike of panic whenever I see him because I’M NOT OUT OF THE GYM YET.

So, like… I’m going to the Academy camp for the 2014 season, and I’m just really nervous because my leg still hurts when I run and I got that injury in the 2012 season. Like, I feel like it shouldn’t still hurt this bad? Idk, does anyone out there have experience with tibial stress fractures?

Might actually be doing the band thing again this summer. Hmmmmmmm.

This just in. Rare photo of my from tour 2012 looking like shit as always, post show.
Regardless of how disgusting I looked of tour, I miss drum corps more than anything. I’M GONNA MAKE A COME BACK ONE DAY. I PROMISE.
That one time I did the band thing


if you really want to watch finals but don’t have $70 to spare clap your hands

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Boston Crusaders doe