There’s gotta be better solution that keeping the marching band instruments in an outdoors storage container. I’m just waiting for my instrument to get stuck to me face. I know it’s going to happen.

+please help me march the academy 2012.


hi. so as most of you probably know, i have been selected to return to the academy drum and bugle corps for my second year as a drum major. nothing is a greater honor to me than serving this corps in this position. this past summer with the academy changed my life, and i am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to do it all again. we have many great new opportunities for us this year, including the chance to work with a legendary staff, and finally having a full summer tour. however, with these new opportunities come more expenses.

my fees this year are $3100, and i have to find a way to come up with them myself because my family cannot afford to help me this year. i don’t have a medical condition, or a story of devastating loss to tell you that would make donating money a snap to most people. i would apologize for that, but honestly, i’d rather not have a debilitating disease, and i like having my entire family alive and well. i’m just a 19 year old kid in 21st century america, working a full time, minimum wage job, trying to live my dream just like everybody else. that being said, i understand how hard this economy is, and how magnanimous a gesture it is to freely give to someone you only know on the internet. if you are even considering helping me out, thank you.

every little bit helps. if you want to help me live my dream, whether it’s $1, $5, $10, or more, thank you so, so much. if there is anything the academy has taught me, it’s that the more you get, the more you have to give, and i fully intend to give my share (plus a little more, if i can) in return when the time comes. if you would like to donate, click the link in the title, and feel free to pass it along to any and everybody that you know. again, i really, truly, sincerely appreciate it.

much love.


If you are able to help her out, that would be amazing. 

Taa-toh is such a great person. throughout my audition process, she has been one of the most supportive people I’ve met. Every time I even think of doubting myself, she is always there to turn me around. 

So, if your able, it would be much appreciated!



Band kids have to be the weirdest people ever.

I mean, who else finds awkward tan lines attractive.

But whatever, I’m proud to be a band kid,

and those awkward tan lines are always damn sexy.

Spirit 2011 <3
Tonight was rough

We didn’t place top three at ASU. 

We’ve been working so hard. But this was the best run of our show, and we did receive a superior. It just has to go up from here. Some people need to get it together, and the rest of us need to not let this get to us. 

We can do this, we just need to focus. Now is the time to buckle down. I really think we can do it, if  we just work our tails off.

I want to be in DCI.

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All I can think about right now is how much I love marching band. 

And i’m so excited because our competition season officially starts on the 8th.

but I’m hella concerned for my knee. 

I need it to feel better because our show is EXTREMELY demanding.

Last show looks like a friggin’ cake walk compared to this beast.

I’m so excited to show off our hard work.